Big Crow Conference Events and Proceedings

Big Crow Proceedings 2008

Aardvark AOC Conference held at the CSIR, November 2008


Brian Burmiester & Duncan Stanton – Using dynamic modelling & simulation in EW

Christie van Deventer – Next Generation Laser Warning

Christo Cloete – EW Range

Dirk Baker – Challenges of Developing a Comint DF & Monitoring Antenna

Frans Vermaak – MANPADS protection for civil and special mission aircraft

General Gagiano – Key Note Address

Gerrie Radfloff – Combat losses Analysis for SAAF

Gottfrid Strindlund – Viking Roost

Harry Schultz – Digital receiver, experiment or reality

JP Delport – The use of Simulation in flare Countermeasure Development

Nelis Willers – The validation of models in an imaging infrared simulation

Warren du Plessis – Towards the SA DERI