Events and Proceedings Little Crow Conference

Little Crow Proceedings 2009

Aardvark AOC Little Crow Conference held at Wonderboom Military Base Tavern, 17th Nov 2009


Mr Gerrie Radloff — Opening Address

Col AJ Coetzee — IW & EW Structures in the SANDF

Mr Manie Janse van Rensburg — Trends in COMINT Post Processing Solutions

Mr Wimpie van den Berg — Comms Jamming trends/Solutions and IED Jammers

Aardvark AOC Conference held at SAAB Avitronics, April 2009


Mr Gerrie Radloff — What do we prepare for?

Mr Patrick Clarke — Naval Integrated EW systems

Ms Mariette Conning — Specific Emitter Identification (SEI) Knowledge and Capability Developments at DPSS

Mr Harry Schultz — Current developments on the IDAS system