EW at the SAAF

As a starting point, an outline/structure of the SAAF’s EW history, as compiled by Gerrie Radloff, Mossie Basson and gen Koos Botha, is given below. However, any inputs will be welcome.

History of Electronic Warfare (EW) in the South African Air Force (SAAF)


  1. The aim of this document is to provide the SAAF with a structure which can serve as a guideline for further detailed inputs.
  2. After much consideration and consultation with past and present major role players in EW it was decided to divide the history of EW in the SAAF into functional time periods or blocks. These time periods were selected on the basis of their homogeneous EW development goals and the Air Defence Treats that prevailed during each period. The logic behind such a time-frame structured approach is that EW development and activities were mainly driven by the threats, or perceived threads, that prevail during each period.
  3. The identified time-frames are the following:
    1. The period after World War II up to 1960
    2. The period 1960 – 1974
    3. The period 1974 – 1990
    4. The period 1990 – 2008

The Period World War II to 1960

  1. Colonial Period
  2. Which drivers?
  3. EW Mostly Strategic

The Period 1960 to 1974

  1. RSA Independence (period of instability)
  2. Gathering of War Clouds

The Period 1974 to 1990

  1. Period of conflict (The Border War)
  2. Drivers : Period of global sanctions
    Relative low or sometimes no experience.
    Dependent on limited willing suppliers. Important role of ARMSCOR
  3. Sanctions result in co-operation with the reducing number of Internal Suppliers
  4. Own capability development
    Industry CHAFF and Flares (RIMS)
    Radar Warning Systems : SABBOT
    ESM : Radix and Commix
    The role of Chile. Support with Signal Intelligence with the Spanish language
  5. Signal Intelligence. ESM
    First aircraft with EW equipment was Mirage IIIE with the BZ
  6. Industry
    Stand-off Jamming
    CRWS (Improvement and Industrialation)
    Cheetah – C. Large participation in development
    Stand-Off Jamming
    Chopper Comms and Radar
    Boeing 707
    Toredo. CW on F1
  7. Internal (SAAF) Spook
    Over seas equipment and support with SAAF integration and installation.
  8. Test and Evaluation
    Ascari (UEC)
  9. Passive Protection (CSIR)
    Strela Mods : Alouette, DC3
    IR Jammer

The Period 1990 to 2008

  1. Post Border War Period
    Start of Involvement in Peace Keeping Operations
  2. Industry and Defence Force entering the International Arena