Featured Little Crow Conference

Little Crow 14 Proceedings

A Reduced RCS Antenna – G.L. Jardine and W.P. du Plessis

Compression of Raw SAR Data – C. Horn, R.W. Focke and W.P. du Plessis

The Electromagnetic Properties of Soil – P.J. Coetzee and W.P. du Plessis

Direction Finding for Wideband Signals using Nonuniform Linear Arrays – L. Thamae and W.P. du Plessis

Embedded DF Antenna Array – E.K. Stanley and W.P. du Plessis

Signal Detection Using Difference Sets – W.R. Smith and W.P. du Plessis

Super-Resolution DF for Passive Bistatic Radar – J.L. Sendall and W.P du Plessis

HF Channel Sounding – S.J. Schoeman, P.J. Coetzee and W.P du Plessis

Threat Evaluation and Jamming Allocation – N.R. Osner and W.P du Plessis

High-Resolution Robotic Sonar – M.J. Oosthuizen and W.P du Plessis

Jamming of Reticle-Based Seekers – T.M. Malaji and W.P du Plessis

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