Big Crow Conference Events and Proceedings

Big Crow Proceedings 2013

Big Crow Conference, held at CSIR, 4 & 5 Sept 2013

Pushing EW into the Future – R Adm (JG) K Wiesner

Towards the Electronic Guerrilla – H Romer-Heitman (Presentation)

Towards the Electronic Guerrilla – H Romer-Heitman (Paper)

Border-Safeguarding: The Context – Col A Grundling

Border-Safeguarding – A Whole-of-Government approach – Duarte Goncalves

An Electronic Warfare Information System (EWIS) for Battlefield Spectrum Management – Dr Brett van Niekerk

Find, Fix and Finish the Radio Spectrum- Intelligence Management Built-In – Olaf Lukas

COMINT challenges with Multiplexed communication – Wimpie van den Berg

The Convergence of RCIED and Communications Jammers – Dr Cornell van Niekerk

Q-Rap: an Open Source Radio planning tool to enhance Spectrum Management in the Defence sector – Magdaleen Ballot

Disposable EW – How to Keep Pace with Rapid Technological Advances – Prof Warren du Plessis

Electronic Warfare and the AOC in Austere Times – Moving Forward – Dr Bob Andrews

Direct sampled wide band digital receivers in RWR/ESM applications – Per Strömbäck / Harry Schultz

The human eye as a detector – Johannes Baumbach

Optical Tracking – Asheer Bachoo

Validation of an infrared simulation system – Alta de Waal

Evaluation of LWIR/Vis fusion techniques for operational suitability – Robert Jermy

What Innovation Gap? The Need for EW Research at South African – Prof Warren du Plessis

Detection of Small Aircraft based on FM Broadcast Band Radio Signals – Francois Maasdorp & Craig Tong

Selective spectrum sensing: A new scheme for efficient spectrum sensing for EW application – Ryno Verster

Aardvark historic committee – Dave Howie

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