Big Crow Conference Events and Proceedings

Big Crow Proceedings 2009

Aardvark AOC Conference held at CSIR, August 2009


Mr G Radloff — Welcome and Opening of Conference

Maj Gen Brazzoli — Keynote Speaker: Tomorrow’s unsure world

Mr H. Boshoff — The Evolving African Security The Evolving African Security Architecture: Overview and Synthesis

Mr H. Boshoff — African Battle Space and Conflict

Col. J. Waweru — Realizing the Threatening Danger as the Somali Sea Piracy Phenomenon is Moving South

Col. Langdorf — A United States View of the World in 2020

Mr Römer-Heitman — EW in an Evolving World Order

Col. A. Grundling — EW in Africa: The Future Battle Space

Mr F. Anderson — Some modern trends in radar from an EW perspective

Mr O. Lukas — Excellent DF-sensors for strategic and tactical EW-Systems

Mr U. Trautwein — Tactical COMMS/ESM System for Submarines – A Front-end Perspective

Prof. J.C. Olivier — Using the Cramer – Rao Bounds to Evaluate the Theoretical Limit for EW Techniques

Mr J. Chabalala — Land Threat Evolution and EW Pre-emption

Mr H. Coetzee — Space Weather in Southern Africa (Dynamics of the Ionosphere which in turn effects RF propagation)

Mr A. vd Merwe — Future EW Technology – Quo Vadis?

Mr B. van Niekerk — The future role of EW in Information Warfare

Mr A. Mattsson — Easy EW Integration solutions

Mr W. du Plessis — Practical Cross-eye Jamming

Mr W.J. vd Berg — Cognitive radio – the new frontier

Mr F. Vermaak — The Challenges – Adapting Military EW Technologies for Civil Security Application – Case Study CAMPS

Mr C. Mocke — Optimisation technology in the effective utilisation of EW Systems

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