Events and Proceedings Little Crow Conference

Little Crow Proceedings 2010

Aardvark AOC Little Crow Conference to be held at the CSIR, Building 22 – 10 Nov 2010


Keynote Address: Science and Technology in Defence and National Security: Trends and Impacts—Johan Strydom

Compressive Sensing Research for EW Applications—Ferdie Potgieter

AOA estimation using temporally oversampled antenna arrays—Corne Olivier

Phase noise in RF synthesizers—Christo Nel

The use of 3D visualisation in the presentation and analysis of electronic warfare simulation results—JP Delport

Comparing Effectiveness of Different Counter Measure Techniques Through Simulation—Thys du Plooy


Conference Photos

Aardvark AOC Little Crow Conference held at the SAAF Museum – 21 July 2010


EW in the SAAF

  • Lt Col FK Beckers
  • Lt Col AJ Boshoff
  • Lt Col JE van Zyl
  • Maj TT Tshabangu
  • Maj G Blie

Threat Warning—Abel van der Merwe

Status Updates of MAW300 on Fighter Platforms— Albert Swanepoel

Conference Photos

Aardvark AOC Little Crow Conference held at IMT – 21 April 2010


Mr L Downes — Welcome

Mr G Radloff — Opening Remarks

Capt G Jamieson (on behalf of RAdm (JG) W.H.O. Teuteberg) — The Nature, Indication and Reduction of Piracy: The case of Somalia

Mr L Downes — Test & Evaluation of ECM Concepts

Mr G Smith — Simulation of EM Fields and Optimal Antenna Location

Mr J du Plessis — The use of Simulation in Development of ECM Drills

Dr W Gunter — IR/Optronics in the Maritime Environment

Mr P Wolfaardt — LPI Radar Development in the Maritime Environment